Collar Technology

We set out to revolutionize the RIB industry with the safest collar systems in the world. IMS has developed the technologies that go into our FAST collars, and each one is built using the latest technology.


We use the highest quality materials for our collar systems. Both our 40oz PVC and 40oz Polyurethane have excellent strength properties, UV and abrasion resistance. The foam in our collars is no typical foam, either. The EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam we use provides over 60lbs of flotation per cubic foot. It is extremely lightweight, absorbs virtually no water, is resistant to chemical and fuel exposure, resists impacts and has excellent shape memory.


We use powerful CAD software to produce the collar shapes and generate patterns, then use our cutting-edge equipment to bring those digital patterns into a real product. Our 60' cutting table includes a digitizer, allowing us to take a physical pattern and modify it in our CAD software.