What Makes FAST Collars Different?

We designed our collars to be rugged, have redundant safety features, and be easy to own.

What makes our collars so rugged?

We start with using high-grade materials that are engineered to withstand whatever conditions you might find yourself in...and then some! If you see us at a boat show, don't be surprised if you see a sledgehammer and we askyou to give the collar a good smack.

What makes our collars so safe?

The tough outer layer of our collars are purely for UV protection and abrasion resistance. Inside the collars are multiple urethane air bladders that, with our patented hybrid system, are actually filled with 80% foam surrounded by a soft cushion of air.

We do this so that you can have the comfortable feel of an air collar, but the safety of a foam collar. For RIBs, this means every single air chamber can be punctured and you will still maintain 80% of your flotation AND you won't lose your side sheet.

It's like a life preserver for your boat.


What Makes FAST Collars So Easy to Own?

Our collars are designed with usability in mind, so we incorporate a zipper that runs the entire length of the collar which provides access to each of the air bladders. Pinhole leaks can be easily fixed and, if needed, an entire bladder can be replaced by you the customer.

Collar System Options

We offer a variety of collar systems and material options so that we can offer you the safest and highest performing solution that won't break your budget.

Our collar system options include 100% air, 100% foam, and our patented hybrid 80% foam/20% air system.

100% AIR

100% air is our most cost-effective setup. Our air collars have multiple urethane bladders inside them, making any repairs or even bladder replacements very easy. Air collars are also extremely comfortable to sit on, as any RIB owner knows.


100% FOAM

100% foam collars are extremely rugged and can stand up to just about anything. Since there is no air and our foam absorbs virtually no water, you can be confident it will be there when you need it.



This system really is the best of both worlds. You get the safety and redundancy of having a foam collar, with the soft feel of an air collar. Springs protruding from the center hold the foam in place within the collar, so it will not bounce around within the collar. These springs also flex, so when you sit on the collar, they will flex.


The collar materials we offer are 40oz PVC and 40oz Polyurethane because both materials can be welded, which makes for a much more strong and consistent seam than gluing. PVC is a durable material with excellent UV resistance. Its cost-effectiveness has made PVC the most common material for inflatables. Polyurethane is a very tough and attractive material usually found on higher-end RIBS and inflatables since it is a more expensive option. Excellent strength, color-fastness, abrasion and UV resistance are inherent qualities of our polyurethane.


We offer a variety of colors for our collars, and you can add design features such as stripes, chevrons, splits, and more.

Polyurethane Colors Available:

PVC Color Chart Coming Soon.